Mr. Abdullah Badghaish

Of Counsel

Mr.badghish is a Legal Counsel in Ibrahim Al Howishel Law Firm and Legal Consultations. Mr.badghish has previously worked for public prosecution where he  investigated economic, Financial, Public office crimes and cases of murder he also was assigned to investigate cases for the (Interpol).

Mr.badghish became the public prosecutor in many court then he was the chief  Prison Oversight The role of arrest and execution of sentences Department in Khobar. Then he went to work for the ministry of health (Eastern Health Cluster) as a legal counsel and investigator in cases of medical malpractice and administrative then the head of litigation and participated in many comities for the ministry of health and he is a formal member in the Saudi financial fraud combat association.

Mr.badghish holds a Bachelor degree in Sharia and a diploma in criminal law and many specialized certificate in his field of work.

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