Our Services

In the recent years, we have witnessed a tremendous growth in our client base and expansion in new areas of legal services. We offer our clients access to our experience in:

  • Litigation
  • Alternate dispute resolution
  • Corporate and M&A transactions
  • Management and Liquidation of estates
  • Wealth and Family business
  • Intellectual property
  • Capital markets
  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring
  • Zakat and Tax
  • Real Estate and Contracting
  • Banking & Finance
  • Foreign Investment
  • Insurance
  • Information privacy
  • Privatization
  • Government procurement laws
  • Human Capital and Employment
  • Drafting Policies and Regulations
  • Risk and Compliance Management

In addition to the wealth of experience in corporate & commercial advisory and dispute resolution, the Firm has developed niche in certain specialized practice areas.

Dispute Resolution

The Firm is distinguished in its experience in legal disputes, commercial and financial dispute resolution through mediation, arbitration and litigation. Our expert team of litigators and advocates diligently pursue creative solutions to resolve legal issues in our clients best interests. Our team have handled commercial arbitration cases in the Kingdom and abroad, such as the UAE, the United Kingdom and European continent, and the volume of claims handled by the Firm during the last year has exceeded several billion Saudi Riyals.

Contracting and Real Estate

In the field of real estate development and contracting, The Firm has local and regional experience in real estate laws, engineering and construction contracts, turn-key projects on BOOT and BOT models, private public partnerships, contractual arrangements between investors and developers, dealing with the government agencies and regulators, lease agreements, usufruct rights, licenses and transfers of titles. The Firm also advises on all legal matters relating to financing of real estate projects through real estate investment funds, Islamic finance and structured finance. The Firm also helps clients (banks etc.) with public auctions, acquisition and sale of property and expropriation.

Foreign Investment and Business Setting-up

The Firm provides a full range of licensing and incorporation services to local, regional and international clients to assist in setting up of their investment and business vehicles in the Kingdom. We work closely with various government departments and provide ”one-stop“ service for seamless delivery of results for our clients in obtaining foreign investment licenses, incorporation of private and close joint stock companies, drafting constituent documents and shareholders/joint venture agreements, handling corporate governance and corporate compliance matters and dealing with competition law and winding-up issues.

Risk and Compliance Management

The Firm provides all risk management and compliance services, including identifying, evaluating, advising, monitoring and reporting the compliance scope of the regulatory requirements, with the goal of protecting the customers interests. In addition to ensuring that legal risks are well managed to avoid any financial fines that may be imposed by jurisdictions, hidden costs that may result from potential claims and criminal penalties, as well as to prepare, implement and monitor the necessary policies and procedures in order to comply with customer regulatory requirements and report periodically to customers regarding conformity and compliance issues associated with regulatory requirements, internal policies and procedures.

Management and Liquidation of Inheritance

From a religious and Sharia viewpoint, and according to the regulations and the law, inheritance must be settled in a certain way. Where the Firm will take care of all the steps needed to liquidate the estates by proxy on behalf of the heirs. This included issuing a deed listing the heirs, making a list of the estate’s assets, figuring out where they are and what kind they are, evaluating them, preparing and writing evidence reports, registering wills and donations, letting people know if the estate owes money to other people, and presenting and clarifying the estate’s mechanisms. Using Islamic law, the Firm divides the shares and funds that are shared among the heirs of the estate. The Firm is also responsible for putting the split into action, either by having auctions or by giving the money directly through banks.

Wealth and Family Business

Ibrahim Al Howishel Law Firm and Legal Consultations, has a lot of experience helping wealthy people and family businesses with their legal needs. And in the area of structuring and running a business, controlling and handling assets, and offering ideas to help the company and family get stronger, and deliver all of its legal needs, like limiting, controlling, planning, and reorganizing ownership, so that our knowledge and services can help the family business stay strong and stable for generations to come.

Zakat & Tax

Ibrahim Al Howishel Law Firm and Legal Consultations is one of the firm that having Zakat and Tax experience. Due to the quick developing regulations and laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, investors and business owners require the aid of zakat and tax attorneys. Every Saudi or Gulf person who runs a business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is required to pay zakat. It costs 2.5% of the basic zakat. If the tax and zakat regulations and guidelines are not followed, the facility’s services will be stopped, and the organization will be fined heavily. This is avoidable if the organization follows the rules or hiring the right consultant.

Intellectual Property

Ibrahim Al Howishel Law Firm and Legal Consultations is led by young Saudis who are skilled in and enthusiastic about Intellectual Property law. Where we represent our clients in the competent courts and relevant committees in cases of violations of their intellectual rights, which include Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Industrial Designs, Plant Varieties, and Integrated Circuits, and where we file all registration applications on their behalf, locally and abroad, with the help of reputable partners around the world. We help with every step of the patent process, from the first search for potential violations (FTO) through the submission and subsequent maintenance of the application with the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property.

Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring

The Firm has extensively advised major listed and private companies in numerous sectors in relation to Bankruptcy Law and procedures working closely with the bankruptcy administrators and trustees as well as financial advisors on financial reorganization preventive settlement procedures and handling cases at courts to enable bankrupt companies and struggling debtors to regulate their financial affairs and resume their business activities, and ultimately contributing towards the sustainability and development of the economy. The Firm is among the markets leaders in advising and conducting financial re organization for companies listed on (TASI) in accordance with legal frame for bankruptcy, Capital Markets Law and the regulations of the Saudi Central Bank.

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