Dr.Maya Morris Matar

Senior Associate / Of-counsel

Dr. Maya Matar is high on the list amongst her colleagues in the law firm. From specializing in corporate systems’ legal consultation to insurance and intellectual property, she never fails to present her expertise. In addition, Dr. Matter possesses articulate communication skills that allows her to negotiate any business deals. Moreover, her strategic planning and proficiency allows her to establish/initiate foreign companies, whether it’s inside or outside of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Mater demonstrates a great understanding towards the process of integration and possession, corporate financing, and resolving disputes between partners along with corporate governance and restructuring. Dr.Matar, stands out through her high performance that was perfected over her 20 years of experience in law firms. She has a long record of valuable knowledge in teaching corporate law in Saint Joseph University located in Beirut, Lebanon. In addition, her presence as a member in many administration departments for numerous companies was outstanding. Following her bachelor’s in law that was obtained from Saint Joseph University, Dr. Matter acquired her Master’s degree in Business Administration from The Global Business Institute. Followed by her Associate’s degree from the International Development Law Organization in Italy. Furthermore, Dr.Matar’s success and eagerness to evolve would not stop there, she obtained her PhD in Public Affairs from Paris Dauphine University.

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