Mr. Bassam Zidane Al-Shamari

Senior Legal Counsel

Mr. Al Shamari has extensive experience in business laws, specializing in corporates and capital markets. besides, his practice is based on commercial disputes, legal advice in commercial, corporate, governance, compliance, restructuring, merger, acquisition, and rehabilitate corporates to meet the legal requirements for listing  in the parallel market, as well as drafting and auditing contracts, agreements, regulations, and corporate internal policy. what is more providing legal support in some bankruptcy files of listed and unlisted companies.

During his work, he has handled several major files on partners disputes, heled the board members and directors accountable, real estate contribution Lawsuits and claims arising from contract and tort liability.

Al-Shamari is also an experienced researcher, writing numerous scientific research on the topics: “Civil Liability of the Company Manager,” “Capital Markets,” “Maritime Cargo Insurance” and ” Real Estate Contributions Regulations.”

Mr. Al Shamari holds a Master’s degree in Private Law from King Saud University, a Bachelor of Law from King Saud University with an excellent honors degree, and has received many specialized courses.

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